Shaun Frankson

I strategize the s#!t out of things for a living and I love it.

I played in a rock band until, at 21, a near death car accident left me bed ridden for a month. During that time I uncovered my calling and blurred end in mind to be a strategy guy. It took me some time to figure out my true DNA (default natural advantage), but once i did, i did everything I could to create my own opportunities to strategically increase my capacity for short-term & long-term fulfilment.

At 23 I started creating companies with the sole purpose to get paid in experience. Over time I created a system to Strategize the S#!t Out of anything that mattered to me. By 25 I was VP of Marketing for a multimillion dollar company. By 26 I was the Vice President of that company and automated it to the point that the CEO, David Katz, no longer needed to show up to the office.

By 29 I intentionally automated myself out of that company and, with David Katz, co-founded The Plastic Bank, a triple bottom line social enterprise that makes plastic waste a currency in developing countries to help reduce global poverty. I coined the term Social Plastic® and created the brand strategies to launch a Social Plastic® movement that gained over one million supporters and well over 250 media features before expanding globally. By 31 (This year) I signed onto my first equity stake Board of Advisors position with HeroX, an official spin off of the XPRIZE. Within months of joining HeroX we created a half million person Problem Solvers movement in which every day people can solve game changing challenges.

Other Things I’m Proud of.

I’m proud to say that happiness is my strategy. I intentionally do what I love for a living and do every thing I can to continuously get better at doing what I love. After years of coming up with successful and unique strategies for personal fulfilment, career success, business systems, & social media awesomeness, I am currently putting my best of the best strategies into a new book called ‘Strategize the S#!t out of it‘.

Inspire Change, Create Opportunities, & Strategize the S#!t out of it are the actions I live by. I literally wear my core values on my sleeves. Inspire, Create & Strategize are tattoo’d on my forearms along with a modified version of the seven habits of highly effective people  (amongst many other tattoo with equal meaning).