A Manifesto to Happiness

A Manifesto to Happiness

If you do not love what you do for a living,
than you need a new job.

If you are not experienced enough for your dream job,
than you need a new game plan.

If you do not have enough time to learn or gain new experiences,
than you make poor decisions with your time

If you do not get 1% better & closer to your goals each day,
than you continue to waste time that you will never get back

If you do not think you deserve to be happy,
than you need to change the way you think IMMEDIATELY.

If you blame anyone else for where you are today,
than you need to start taking responsible for your decisions

The quality of your decisions 
will determine the quality of you life

Happiness and success are simply the outcome of quality decisions
consistently made on a daily basis over time

When you learn to create your own opportunities,
you become empowered to control the speed of your success

Replace the word I can’t with I choose not to,
and life begins to change.

You can be happy on purpose.


Act today with the end in mind. Aim for epic &
Strategize the Shit Out of Everything that Matters.

It’s not easy. It’s worth it.

– Shaun Frankson –