Shaun Frankson’s unique strategies have made a global impact and are typically reserved for his own businesses & clients. But now, Shaun is performing select speaking and keynote style workshops around the core principles of 2017 TED Talk and his upcoming book Strategize the S#!t out of it: The art of gaming ANYTHING that matters.

Shaun presents a tell-all, strategy focused, narrative that only holds back the boring.

The audience is taken through his journey of strategizing the s#!t out of his personal happiness, epic business strategies & quest to save the planet.

Utilizing various techniques to help the audience learn to reveal strategies, Shaun entertains and informs while revealing how he strategized the s#!t out of The Plastic Bank’s million-person global movement that alleviates extreme poverty, ocean plastic, and new plastic production.

Shaun’s Bio


After years of playing in a rock band, a near death car accident revealed Shaun’s calling as a systems and strategy guy. Guided by his core values to Strategize the S#!t out of it, Create Opportunities, and Inspire Change, Shaun has made a career out of creating unique strategies that generate epic results.

Shaun created the PR and marketing engines to introduce Social Plastic® to the world. This resulted in over 250 features from 25 countries in 15 different languages, including Forbes, TIME and the Guardian. Before the first piece of plastic was even exchanged The Plastic Bank had a millennial consumer demand of over 1 million people asking for Social Plastic®. Shaun’s unique sales strategies have successfully resulted in partnerships with some of the world’s larges organizations.

Shaun’s ability to strategize has taken him all over the world, from uncovering poverty alleviation solutions in Haiti, Asia and Latin America to performing custom strategy workshop’s for brands such as Unilever in London, England. He was named an Ashoka Emerging Innovator and, along with David Katz, received the Sustainia Community Award at COP21 in Paris. He has made appearances in the award-winning documentary A Plastic Ocean, the reality TV show Dragons’ Den and countless news interviews.

Driven by his passion to change the world through Social Good Business, Shaun has also contributed to the creation of a million person problem solvers movement as an advisor and growth hacker for HeroX, the official spin-off of Xprize.

About The Plastic Bank

In June 2013, the concept for The Plastic Bank (TPB) was announced to the world resulting in features in Forbes, TIME, Fast Company, BBC and over 250 other articles from over 25 countries.   As of 2015, Social Plastic® has over 1 million Facebook supporters and a collective 1 million Twitter fans between various company accounts, all contributing towards an immediate demand and movement for TPB’s globally trademarked Social Plastic® brand.   TPB makes plastic waste a currency, in developing countries, that can be exchanged to help lift people out of poverty by providing income and additional non-monetary life-improving items and services. The collected plastics are sorted and recycled into Social Plastic® flakes, which are sold by TPB and used as feedstock for manufacturing.   The value of Social Plastic® goes beyond the commodity price of plastic. Corporations are paying for a genuine social impact. Social Plastic® is the fair trade of recycled plastic. It adds emotion to emotionless products and provides the highest possible positive social impact through the use of recycled plastic. In 2013, TPB successfully took shoreline plastic that originated from the ocean and recycled it into the world’s first 3D printed item from ocean plastic. LUSH cosmetics purchased the first Social Plastic® pellets to manufacture their Sea Spray cosmetic bottles.   In 2015, TPB concluded the final pilot program in Peru & began full operations in Haiti. The Plastic Bank’s Social Plastic Recycling Markets exchange plastic for both cash and other non-monetary items/services such as solar-powered phone charging, WIFI, and sustainable cooking fuels. To date over 400 people representing more than 70 different countries have already applied to operate a Social Plastic Recycling Market in their region. After Haiti TPB will expand to any region with an abundance of poverty and waste.   In 2015, partnerships were formed with some of the world’s largest brands to utilize Social Plastic® in their manufacturing.   In 2017 The Plastic Bank will expand to Asia and South America.

Shaun is a charismatic ex-rockstar turned modern day strategy guru and growth hacker. His unique strategies are mind blowing while still easy to understand and implement . His speaking workshop was amazing and a crowd favourite. I would recommend him for any conference or corporate event.

Teresa Laurico

SociaLight Conferences

David Katz and Shaun Frankson have scaled up a biz in 18 months that might take others 18 years, while solving a huge problem on the planet. This is a billion dollar venture in the making

Verne Harnish

Author of The Rockefeller Habits, Founder of Gazelles