The Thank You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuck

The Thank You Economy focuses on the rise of good manners once again. The “old world values” of courtesy and respect, knowing the local storeowners, and good customer relationships are once again back in fashion. The corporations that once cut corners in the pursuit of profit are realizing that with the introduction of social media their business once again depends on word of mouth and good customer relationship – they can either thrive or suffer. Social networking sites provide a way to reconnect and recapture the social satisfaction missing from many business transactions.

Happy customers can become your strongest advocates, and you can learn from unhappy customers. By joining the online conversation you inform people that you care, and want to be a part of their experience – boosting your reputation and credibility as a company that is good to do business with.  “People don’t talk about things they don’t care about. So it’s up to you to make them care, which means you have to care first”.

The Thank You Economy reminds you not to dismiss the potential value of social media, and warns against making excuses that hold no water. Social Media Savvy organizations care “obsessively” about customer service – and hold a culture of caring which they promote. Create a strong company culture and value your employees, they are the messengers to the customer, and having them share your company culture is the best way to create a fantastic customer experience.

Some guidelines to creating a effective social media presence are:

  1. “Begin with yourself” – Exude your company’s culture, create an impact.
  2. “Commit Whole Hog” – Make the mental commitment to enhance your social media presence.
  3. “Set the Tone” – Take a personal, one-on-one interest in your customers. Don’t just tell your workers how to interact with your client base; Lead by example.
  4. “Invest in Your Employees” – Identify staffers who want to start your corporation’s Facebook or Twitter account, and go from there. Give their ideas and suggestions the credence and support they deserve.
  5. “Trust Your People” – Let your employees express themselves about the firm in their uncensored tweets and blogs. Give them the freedom they need to provide top-quality customer service, open communication and transparency.
  6. “Be Authentic” – Be yourself, and be sincere. This is the only way to be successful in the era of social networking.

When you find the right employee who “adopts a sense of ownership and identification” with your customers – notice them, and make them aware of how important they are to your business.

Be authentic, caring, and nurture all relationships. This is the key to maintaining good social media relationships, and creating positive feedback for you company. Embrace your core values, and hold true to them no matter what.