Tribes by Seth Godin

Humans are social beings – we need emotional connections to live happy, fulfilled lives. Seth Godin emphasizes this in “Tribes”, and explains why you should act on your lifelong dreams, and how strong leadership skills can lead you to success.

Start forming a tribe, “a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, and connected to an idea.” By gathering those around you who share your values and vision you can create a powerful force, with the ability to create change. Be a happy, joyful, encouraging, and charismatic leader – be the type of leader the world needs. By making this active choice, you have more room for success, and you will be a valued leader to those around you. Tribes can be any size, as long as they focus on a purpose. A passionate, committed leader, and engaged members who provide aspects of leadership form a successful tribe. By connecting and valuing all voices within the tribe you focus on a vision rather than mere management. Shine a light, build a tribe and make a difference. You are the change.

Membership within a tribe should be dynamic, vocal, and full of communication. Listening is also an important aspect of being a member, and a leader, of a tribe. If you communicate clearly in four directions: “leader to tribe, tribe to leader, tribe member to tribe member [and] tribe member to outsider” you will be able to improve and expand your tribe.

Challenge mediocrity. Pursue a goal, and create new challenges and improvements that will push success forward. Eliminate the fear of failure by managing it, and continue to pursue the idea you and your tribe love. It will take time and persistence, but with the right attitude, you can create success for yourself and others. Don’t wait for the perfect moment; it will never come. Lead now. Create your tribe.

We value these lessons that Seth Godin states. A group of passionate people with a vision can create the change you wish to see in the world. We highly recommended you check out this book, and see how it can create an influence on your life!