Your Worst Employee Sets the Standard

Your Worst Employee Sets the Standard: By Shaun Frankson

Video Transcription:

“When it comes to culture, your worst employee actually has a huge effect on what your noticeable culture is. Really the lowest bar sets the tone. When your employees look at the lowest bar, the least culture fit you have, that becomes the level of acceptable behavior. People see the actions and habits that that person betrays, they see the minimum level that allowed to be maintained while still being employed.  So really your culture is based on the lowest bar. As you improve your culture you start raising that bar. When you commit to culture you commit to hiring on core values, you really focus on raising that bar. Because as the bar raises, your culture raises. Really the goal is that you only employ culture fits, and as that bar goes up, you get to the point that your worst employee is a rockstar, your worst employee is still a culture fit, your worst employee is someone you would never dream of firing. That’s the beauty of just focusing and committing to core values.”